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Clyde Bell: Using live decoys in the duck hunt

Interviewer: Did you ever use live decoys?

Clyde: Sure. I had a lot of live decoys.

Interviewer: Did you raise them?

Clyde: Raised? Yes I had about 50. English callers, and another kind and regular mallards, too.
I had the English callers trained that I could pick them up, hold their wings together agin their body, 'cause they wasn't much bigger than pigeons, and when I see wild ducks coming I'd throw them, just like a baseball. And soon they'd, just like a parachute, when I'd throw them, and they'd go out 30-40 feet and then they'd start flying you know. They'd make a big circle and come back to the other decoys that was anchored out with an anchor on their foot. Some used an anchor on their neck, but I never liked that, I always used the foot, and what we called a boot, which was a leather strap which had a round ring on it to hook your snap into it, and a weight on the bottom.

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