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Clyde Bell: Guiding duck hunters near Havana

Clyde: I took out duck hunters from all over the country, and Colorado. Guys come here from Colorado every year to hunt with me.

Interviewer: About how many would come per season to hunt?

Clyde: Oh Jesus, I'd say hundred. That is I had as much as a hundred. And then the boys in Bath, they had them to. Some of them old houses is down there yet, the duck hunters used to rent and stay at.

Interviewer: Were there a lot of people here who guided?

Clyde: Oh sure.

Interviewer: Was it mainly the commercial fisherman?

Clyde: Well, the commercial fishermen as a rule, when they wasn't fishing, and the duck season was on, they'd be taking out duck hunters. Not only me, but the other commercial fisherman too. Rudolph, "Red" Rudolph, Harry was his right name, and Pete, Pete, made a business of that, just like me. Taking out duck hunters. He was also captain of a thousand yard seine.

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