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Clyde Bell: Guiding duck hunters near Havana

Interviewer: Would a lot of duck hunters come in the fall?

Clyde: Duck hunters come here from all over the world. I mean even foreign countries.

Interviewer: Would they stay at hotels or at the camps?

Clyde: If they couldn't stay at hotels they'd stay at private houses. I had quite a few of them right here in most every room.

Interviewer: would you take the duck hunters out hunting?

Clyde: Oh yeah sure. Why when there wasn't any fishing I'd take those duck hunters out. We had a 90 day season out of the year and I had duck hunters from all over, and I mean from St. Louis, Chicago, New York, from Champagne, and Decatur, Springfield, everyplace.

Interviewer: And how much would they pay for a day?

Clyde: In them days I got $5 a day for two guys. I could only handle two guys because I only had a rowboat and not no motor, and I had to row. That's when I did my 32 mile-a-day row, two men in a boat and a couple of big sacks of decoys. Rowed everyplace and thought nothing of it.

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