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Clyde Bell: Duck hunting with Capons gang

Clyde: I would sell them [ducks] to Capon's gang, especially Sam Costello, the last one of the Capon gang that was killed that had the diamond belt buckle. Killed Chicago Heights bakery shop. Sam hunted with me and bought hundreds of ducks.

Interviewer: He would bring them back to Chicago?

Clyde: Take them back to Chicago, yes.

Interviewer: Would he stay here when he visited, at your house?

Clyde: Taylor hotel, third story up. I go up there and drink high balls with him, him an "Loco DeGravio(?)." I go up there and knock on the door and he'd holler " whose that? "--Clyde. Open the door and there set Loco with two 45s guarding the door. My brother Francis was raisin all kinds of hell with me, but I--going to get killed going with those guys, going to get killed. Well, I'll just be dead, I said. But I never was afraid of them, when they was down here. And you never could tell them for any other millionaire, they'd throw money away like a millionaire, because, they had orders. They never told any [unintelligible] where they was having fun hunting and stuff. They behaved themselves like perfect gentleman.
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