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Top Level : Harvesting : Mussels


There may also be useful entries in Small Boats, as well as the main portion on musseling.

  • Clarence Beide-- He shelled after being laid off after WW-I.
  • Clarence Beide-- Cooking out mussels.
  • Clyde Bell-- Numbers of shells Clyde collected and price sold.
  • Clyde Bell-- Boiling out the mussel shells.
  • Clyde Bell-- Time of day for collecting mussels.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- Cooking out and using mussel meat for bait.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- How to find mussels while diving.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- A barge pulled back the water to reveal mussel bed.
  • Cecil Guthrie-- 1400 pounds of shell in 2 hours.
  • Walter Hatton-- Shelling from crowfoot hooks to cooking out shells.
  • Roy Ottwel-- Cooking off mussels.
  • Roy Ottwel-- End of the button industry.
  • Roy Ottwel-- Description of shelling.
  • Roy Ottwel-- Uses for cut shells.
  • Roy Ottwel-- Sorting shells.

    Top Level : Harvesting : Mussels

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