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  • Clyde Bell-- Clydes best fishing years in Havana.
  • Clyde Bell-- Open-line ice fishing.
  • Clyde Bell-- Fall is the best time to fish.
  • Clyde Bell-- Movements of fish.
  • Clyde Bell-- How to find fish in lakes and rivers.
  • Walter Hatton-- The ethics of fishermen.
  • Michael Kelly-- Fisherman get out early before the wind kicks up.
  • Michael Kelly-- Fishermens rules today and in the past.
  • Michael Kelly-- How to fish the river.
  • Michael Kelly-- Fishing 100 yrs ago and today.
  • Carl Tuttle-- Fishing on the Sangamon River.
  • Carl Tuttle-- Fishing in the winter.
  • Oscar Warren-- Icehouse on the river.
  • Oscar Warren-- Thompson Lake record.

    Top Level : Harvesting : Fish

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