Harvesting the River
Harvest Transport History

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  • Frank Mason-- If I had ten years...the years I spent on the river, I had such a good time.
  • Frank Mason-- Uncle drowned trying to save a man, received Carneige metal.
  • Frank Mason-- Waves and Butterboards, used to pull barges out of the water.
  • Frank Mason-- Mary, Richard, and Belle of Ottawa.
  • Frank Mason-- Three-day packet boat trip.
  • Frank Mason-- Two canoe trips down the Illinois River.
  • Frank Mason-- Problems delivering grain from Crooked Creek.
  • Frank Mason-- Grandparents hauled barges from Crooked Creek and Kampsville to Beardstown.
  • Frank Mason-- On a clear day the railroad whistle in Beardstown could be heard.
  • Frank Mason-- Houseboats lined the river at Beardstown.
  • Frank Mason-- Hullett family history (Grandmother first woman pilot on the Illinois River).
  • Frank Mason-- Jobs on a barge tow.
  • Frank Mason-- Learning to steer a barge tow.
  • Frank Mason-- The swinging wagon bridge at Beardstown.

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