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Living on a cabinboat , Michael Kelly

HTR Oral History, 08/18/1

Recorded on: 0000-00-00

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Michael: Well my family lived in cabin boats on the river. My brothers was born, and my sisters was born on cabin boats. In fact, myself, and my baby sister, was the only ones that were born on dry land (laughs). But they used to take the cabin boat and they just moved from Havana to Clear Lake, or Chatauqua, wherever it happened that there were fish, and that's how they did it. And they used to pull the cabin boats up on the river bank either by walking, pulling with it with a rope, or a horse along the beaches. And the bedrooms made it just a floating home, is all. There was a lot of people that live in houseboats back at the turn of the century. I mean, that was a way of life back then, you know.
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