Harvesting the River
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  • Clarence Beide-- Women working on the river.
  • Clyde Bell-- Duck hunting with Capons gang. [Text Transcription]
  • Clyde Bell-- Dredging river hurt hunting and fishing.
  • Clyde Bell-- History of Matanzas Beach.
  • Clyde Bell-- The draining of Thompson Lake.
  • Clyde Bell-- Chicago sewage in river ruined fishing and hunting.
  • Paul Hanks-- Everyone shared during the Depression.
  • Richard Hurley-- Guiding duck hunters-Al Capone.
  • Michael Kelly-- Pollution, siltation.
  • Frank Mason-- Uncle drowned trying to save a man, received Carneige metal.
  • Dale Ward-- Trading ducks for hooch in the depression.
  • Dale Ward-- Moonshiners along the river.
  • Dale Ward-- Skating up the river.
  • Dale Ward-- Ships and subs built for D-Day floated down the river.
  • Dale Ward-- Hemp raised along the river for the war effort.
  • Dale Ward-- River people made their own medicine.

    Top Level : History

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