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North American Pollen Database

Unacquired Sites Inventory

The North American database began operation at the Illinois State Museum (Springfield, Illinois, USA) in late 1990 and the European database started up shortly thereafter. The NAPD benefited greatly from being able to immediately incorporate large, existing, computerized datasets (COHMAP and Pierre Richard's pollen database for Québec). NAPD Administrator: E.C. Grimm; Advisory Board: K.J. Gajewski, G.L. Jacobson Jr., G.M. MacDonald, L.J. Maher, V. Markgraf, P.J.H. Richard, T. Webb III, and C. Whitlock.

NAPD now contains data from more than 800 sites (cores and sections). However, we have inventoried more than 2000 sites that have been studied and are therefore potentially available for inclusion in the NAPD. This page provides access to a listing of unacquired sites, for which we strongly encourage corrections or omissions, while encouraging and welcoming your contributions. For corrections or data contributions, please contact Stephen Porter or Eric Grimm.

The Unacquired Sites Inventory is in the form of a MapPad file. This file is in simple ASCII format but is best viewed with MapPad, a Windows 3.1 program available for free from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC).

To download the MapPad "Unacquired Sites Inventory", click here. The Inventory currently contains listings for 931 sites.

To find out more about MapPad, including images of the screen display and description of the programs' capabilities, click here.

MapPad is available from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC). Click here to download MapPad now. The installation package is 750 kb.

All publications listed by site in the MapPad ASCII file, can be viewed alphabetically. There are 644 references listed for the 931 sites found in the Inventory.

SITESEER is a program that allows the user to browse the contents of a pollen database, displaying summary information and summary pollen diagrams of all sites presently in the NAPD and is also available from the National Geophysical Data Center. (click here to get more information on SITESEER)

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