Illinois Indian History in the Context of Cultural and Political Events of the Time
Iroquois drive many Illinois west of Mississippi River. Some Illinois return east of the river by about 1670s
New France is declared a royal colony. Eight years later, France claims title to the unexplored Illinois Country
Joliet & Marquette explore Mississippi and Illinois rivers. They visit villages in Missouri (Peoria Tribe) and Illinois (Kaskaskia Tribe)
Iroquois attack Illinois at Starved Rock and temporarily drive them out of the Illinois Valley La Salle erects Fort Crevecoeur on Illinois River near Peoria. Two years later he builds Fort St. Louis atop Starved Rock
The Illinois kill more than 1,200 bison on their summer hunt
The Illinois number about 6,730 people. They occupy villages at Starved Rock, Pimetoui, Cahokia, and Kaskaskia
Illinois Country incorporated into French colony of Louisiana
Illinois establish village known as "Indian Kaskaskia" (Guebert site) on the Kaskaskia River Fort de Chartres established as seat of French military and civil power in Illinois Country
Cahokia tribe establishes village on Monks Mound adjacent to French chapel (River L'Abbe Mission site) French chapel constructed on Monks Mound (River L'Abbe Mission site)
Michigamea establish village (Waterman site) near Fort de Chartres after their previous village was destroyed by war party of Sauk, Fox, Kickapoo, and Sioux
Illinois ally themselves with French against the British and other tribes Beginning of French and Indian War
Wishing to avoid British rule, many Illinois move west of Mississippi River British forces occupy Fort de Chartres two years after French relinquishes Louisiana east of Mississippi River
Beginning of American Revolution against England. Three years later, George Rogers Clark conquers British Illinois
In the Treaty of Paris, England cedes Illinois Country to United States
In Treaty of Vincennes, Kaskaskia tribe cedes land east of Mississippi River Signing of Louisiana Purchase, in which France sells territory west of Mississippi River to U.S.
Organization of Illinois Territory
In Treaty of Edwardsville, Peoria tribe cedes its Illinois land Illinois becomes a state; Kaskaskia is named its capital
Kaskaskia & Peoria tribes settle on reservation in eastern Kansas
Incorporation of the Peoria Indian Tribe of Oklahoma