The First Quilt
When Mr. Small finished piecing his first quilt in 1938, his work was featured in newspapers and magazines. The quilt, which is 102 inches long by 84 inches wide, is made up of 36,141 pieces sewn together with 3,000 yards of thread. Each piece is a tiny hexagon measuring 1/2 inch across. Mr. Small spent 14 months sewing together the pieces.  Enlargement


The Second Quilt
Mr. Small liked his first try at quilting, but decided to challenge himself to make a second quilt in 1939. His second quilt was 116 inches by 87 inches and contained 63,460 tiny hexagons. He made each hexagon only 3/8 inch across. 

When a woman wrote for this pattern so she could copy it, Mr. Small decided to make a third quilt. He wanted to be certain that no one could match him! Enlargement


The Final Quilt
His third quilt, called "MOSAIC," measures 86 inches x 95 inches. There are 15.08 hexagons in each square inch of the quilt, and the hexagons are so small that six of them fit under a dime! Mr. Small sewed for four hours a day, six days a week, for over 4 years to finish the quilt. See if you can guess how many pieces are in this quilt by using the math problem below.


How Many Hexagons Are In Mr. Small's Third Quilt?

Use this information: 

  • There are 15.08 hexagons in each square inch of the quilt.
  • The quilt measures 95 inches long x 86 inches wide area = length x width 
Here's some help: 
  • Multiply together the two measurements (length and width) of the quilt to get its total area in inches.
  • Multiply the quilt's total area by the number of hexagons per square inch to get the total number of hexagons in the quilt.