H. W. Dickinson
Robert Fulton
Engineer and Artist
London 1913
Chapter I
Ancestry, birth, and boyhood of Robert Fulton
Chapter II
Entry into the world, Paints Minatures, Leaves for England, Exhibits at the Royal Academy, Gives up painting
Chapter III
Projects for marine propulsion, Studies the English canal system, digging machine, patent for inclined plane, writes on canal navigation
Chapter IV
Correspondence with Lord Stanhope, Bude Canal, Leaves for France
Chapter V
Arrival in Paris, Canal patent, Submarines projects
Chapter VI
Second attempt to introduce the submarines, Report of a Commission thereon, Paints panaromas for a living, Constructs and operates the submarine
Chapter VII
Turns his attention to steam navigation, Sketch of the work of previous experimenters, Steamboat on the Seine, British negotiations to withdraw Fulton From France
Chapter VIII
Returns to England, Orders a steamboat engine, Experiments with the torpedo against the Boulogne flotilla, Leaves for the United States
Chapter IX
Arrival in America, Torpedo Experiments, Launch and Trail Trip of the Steamboat, Steam Ferry Boat
Chapter X
United States patents, Steamboat monopoly and litigation to which it gave rise, Steamboat enterprise in Europe and Asia
Chapter XI
Construction of first steam man-of-war, Illness and death, Character Hudson-Fulton Celebration
Pictures from the book.

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