Cahokia Mounds

On this page you will find an interactive map of Cahokia Site "Ancient Topography", using JShape version 1.51. The Cahokia site is located in Collinsville, Illinois, and represents the most sophisticated prehistoric Native American society north of Mexico. Complete information the Cahokia Mounds Historic site is available at

This map is based on data gathered at the Illinois State Museum GIS Laboratory.

Erich Schroeder

The layers consist of:
Ancient Topography
Topographic lines based on a 1966 survey map, but with modern features such as roads erased. Contour interval is 1 meter.
Mound centers
The central point of each mound. If you click the Mound Info button, and then click on the red point in a mound you will bring up another browser with a page describing the mound. I'm sorry to say that this feature does not currently work, as the external links the external links that were used have moved. May, 2007
The estimated basal are of each mound.
100-meter Grid
The standard Cahokia site coordinate system.
Barrow Areas
Areas of the site in which the ancient people excavated soil for constructing the mounds.
Survey area
The extent of 1966 topographic survey.

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