About online queries of the Faunmap database

First, THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL. I suggest being cautious about the results of these queries.
Second, these results are not based on a complete set of the Faunmap database. We are running this through Arc/Info, a powerful geographic information system (GIS) program at the ISM GIS Laboratory. However, Arc/Info does not lend itself to the full set of relational connections for which the database was designed. Therefore you will not be able to do as much as you could on your own machine. Beyond that, the maps and lists produced may contain references not shown in the published volumes: this is because in the hard copy we did not report occurrences in disturbed or mixed contexts, or intrusive specimens in the maps.
Finally, a query has to go through several steps in order to return the map and listing to you. This all needs some testing, and I sure would like some feedback on problems (or otherwise).

You will note that there are several different forms named:

For the first two you will need to have a copy of the list of taxon codes (and this is a good idea anyway as it will help you with the output). I had to make a separate form for Lynx as the version I used for testing could not handle some elements of the pull-down items. You should also download a copy of the age codes.

The second two forms have scrolling selection of taxa within the forms, and have been tested with several versions of NCSA Mosaic.