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Feel free to download the Faunmap database. The file "disk.zip" contains the same data given in the Faunmap volumes, and is compressed for MS-DOS compatible machines. If you need it, download the uncompression program "unzip.exe".

The "List of files" gives descriptions of the contents for the downloadable files.

If you get the "disk.zip" and "unzip.exe" files, place them in a subdirectory on your machine, perhaps c:\faunmap. At your prompt type "unzip -d disk", without the quotes. This will uncompress the file and create the subdirectories as they are on the original disk. A dir command should look like this:

README EXE 53,335 03-10-95 8:48a UNZIP EXE 43,691 08-29-94 9:37p STRUCTUR <DIR> 04-21-95 4:06p BIBLIOG <DIR> 04-21-95 4:06p GIS <DIR> 04-21-95 4:06p DATABASE <DIR> 04-21-95 4:06p Type "readme" to get further instructions. We will make updates available as they come up, and as we get further funding.
If you have problems with this server, email a description to: erich@museum.state.il.us

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