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What is Virtual Reality?

The answer to this question is actively debated and beyond the scope of this presentation. However, the following definition given by Sherman and Craig (1995) is a reasonably good one for the purposes of this presentation.
Virtual Reality
a medium composed of highly interactive computer simulations that sense the user's position and replace or augment the feedback of one or more senses - giving the feeling of being immersed, or being present in the simulations.
The key elements of a computer application that make it a potential virtual reality are as follows: Although QuickTime Virtual Reality is not all of these things, it provides enough interactivity, immersion, flexibility, and sense of experience to be a simple virtual reality application.

For an example, manipulate the peccary teeth below using the mouse.

Teeth of a prehistoric peccary (Mylohyus) from a cave in Missouri.
Object movie by R. Toomey.

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