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ISM Publications -

  ISM Publications   

Anthropology / Archaeology
A Bibliography of Illinois Archaeology10.00Add to Cart
A Report on the 1931 Powell Mound Excavations, Madison County, Illinois5.00Add to Cart
Aboriginal Ritual and Economy in the Eastern Woodlands: Essays in Memory of Howard Dalton Winters20.00Add to Cart
An Archaeological Survey of the Horseshoe Lake State Park, Madison County, Illinois16.00Add to Cart
An Archaeological Survey of the Macoupin Valley3.00Add to Cart
An Atlas of Early Maps of the American Midwest: Part II20.00Add to Cart
Animals Utilized by Woodland Peoples Occupying the Apple Creek Site, Illinois3.00Add to Cart
Archaeological Investigations at the Morton Village and Norris Farms 36 Cemetery15.00Add to Cart
Archaeological Survey and Settlement Pattern Models in Central Illinois4.50Add to Cart
Archaeology of the Medicine Crow Site Complex (39BF2) Buffalo County, South Dakota20.00Add to Cart
Cahokia Archaeology: Field Reports2.00Add to Cart
Dickson Camp and Pond: Two Early Havana Tradition Sites in the Central Illinois Valley6.00Add to Cart
Dickson Mounds Museum Activity Book2.00Add to Cart
Early Archaic Projectile Points and Hunting Patterns in the Lower Illinois Valley3.50Add to Cart
Early Industrialized Pottery Production In Illinois: Archaeological Investigations at White and Company's Gooselake Stoneware Manufactory and Tile Works, Rural Grundy County, Illinois14.00Add to Cart
Early Vegetation of the Lower Illinois Valley2.50Add to Cart
Excavations at the Stoner and Lowe Sites1.75Add to Cart
Ferry Site, Hardin County, Illinois2.00Add to Cart
French Peoria and the Illinois Country, 1673-184623.00Add to Cart
Galena and Aboriginal Trade in Eastern North America2.50Add to Cart


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