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ISM Publications -

  ISM Publications   

Geology / Paleontology
Biostratigraphic Studies of the Niagaran Inter-reef Formations in Northeastern Illinois2.00Add to Cart
Catalog of Palezoic Paleozoological Type and Figured Specimens at the Illinois State Museum0.25Add to Cart
Early Pennsylvanian Geology and Paleobotany of the Rock Island County, Illinois, Area
Part 1: Geology
3.50Add to Cart
Field Geology of the Grand Canyon2.75Add to Cart
Fossils1.00Add to Cart
Inventory of Meteorites in the Collection of the Illinois State Museum0.25Add to Cart
Inventory of Type and Figured Paleobotanical Specimens in the Illinois State Museum0.25Add to Cart
Late Pleistocene (Woodfordian) Vertebrates from the
Driftless Area of Southwestern Wisconsin, the Moscow Fissure Local Fauna
5.00Add to Cart
Late Pleistocene Vertebrates of the Western Ozark Highland, Missouri3.50Add to Cart
Late Quaternary Mammalian Biogeography and Environments of the Great Plains and Prairies20.00Add to Cart
Leaves and Stems from Fossil Forests4.00Add to Cart
Paleoecology and Regional Paleoclimatic Implications of the Farmdalian Craigmile and Woodfordian Waubonsie Mammalian Local Faunas, Southwestern Iowa5.00Add to Cart
Patterns in Paleobotany: Proceedings of a Czech-U.S. Carboniferous Paleobotany Workshop8.00Add to Cart
Pleistocene and Recent Faunas from Brynjulfson Caves, Missouri2.00Add to Cart
Pleistocene and Recent Vertebrate Faunas from Crankshaft Cave, Missouri1.00Add to Cart
Quaternary History of the Sangamon River Drainage System, Central Illinois2.00Add to Cart
Quaternary Paleozoology in the Northern Hemisphere20.00Add to Cart
Records of Early Bison in Illinois15.00Add to Cart
Taphonomy and Paleoecology of the Christensen Bog Mastodon Bone Bed, Hancock County, Indiana4.00Add to Cart
Taxonomy of Specimens of the Pennsylvanian-Age Marattialean Fern Psaronius from Ohio and Illinois5.00Add to Cart


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