Self-Assessment Form for Someone's in the Kitchen Lesson
Please rate yourself and your team on the following parts of the lesson by circling the letter you think
matches your performance.
I fulfilled my assignments on my team.
very well
okay not very well
not at all
The best thing I did on this project as part of a team was
Something I could have done better for my team was
My team members did this really well:
Something my team members could have improved is
Vocabulary Learning:
I scored ________ on my vocabulary test because
As a result of this activity, I will be able to talk about cooking and Native American foods
very well
a little bit
not at all
As a result of this activity, I feel able to measure recipe ingredients
very accurately
usually accurately
sometimes accurately
not at all
The most difficult part of following a recipe is
I will probably try cooking again.
Understanding and appreciating other cultures:
As a result of this activity, I know more about Native American culture in Illinois and can compare it to
my cultural traditions. For example I learned:
Among the foods we cooked, the food I liked the best is the