Have students view the online recipes and choose some that look good to them. Discuss the recipes with
the students in a pre-cooking lesson, looking at ingredients and methods of cooking. The class may
decide which recipes it would like to prepare. Also discuss how these ingredients were procured and how
we procure our foods. Note that these recipes are contemporary, but based on very old traditional ones.
Are there traditional recipes still prepared in the students' families? Are any of the dishes seasonal? How
do you know?
See the following online recipes for equipment and ingredients
Native American Indian Resources section on recipes.
Searchable Online Archive of Recipes, Native American section
Optional cooking situations could be: the school kitchen in off-lunch hours, a hotplate for boiling or fry-
ing; or microwave oven in the classroom, or a toaster oven for baking, depending on the recipe and age
of the students.
See recipes for preparation procedures. Be sure to have the students answer questions and talk their
way through the cooking to use the new vocabulary. Each group could present their dish to the class
with a summary of their ingredients, method of preparation.
Students fill out a form that assesses how they think they did on working as a team member, followed
instructions, used new vocabulary, and summarized what they learned about another culture. The
teacher will give the vocabulary and spelling test mentioned, with words chosen according to the words
the class used in their activity. (See word list)