Assessment : students explain orally why they chose their image, what it means to them, how it relates to
the study of prairie settlement. They explain the process, concept, and meaning of their block in Illinois
Extension Activity: Cloth Quilt from Printed Images
Students print out their image onto transfer paper
iron it onto cloth to make a quilt block (size will be 8 inches square)
A quilter will assemble blocks into a quilt top, and sew three-and-a-half edges together with
batting and backing; turn right-side out.
Students can tie the quilt top, batting, and backing layers together at 6 inch intervals
Illinois Goals and Standards addressed:
Goal 25.A: Understand the sensory elements, organizaitonal principles, and expressive qualities
of the arts.
Goal 26.A: Understand processes, traditional tools, and modern technology used in the arts.