Sample Poem
word list
brown green yellow
seeds honeycomb
fringe leafy
waving swaying
flower bee
feeling words
joyful beautiful
bright cheery
Sentences made from research :
Sunflowers wave in the sun.
Sunflowers feed the bird with their seeds.
The petals are a fringe of yellow.
Bees leave pollen on the flowers.
Pollen lands on the style.
Sunflowers on the Prairie
A million yellow sunflowers
are waving in the sun,
turning their faces
from dawn to dusk.
The sticky styles wait for bees
to drop some pollen from their feet.
Each style leads to an ovum,
a tiny factory for a seed.
This bird-feeder of the prairie
is a honeycomb of treats,
fringed in yellow,
nestled in leaves.
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