Illinois Goals and Standards addressed:
Goal 14: Understand political systems, with an emphasis on the United States
Standard B: Understand the structure and functions of the political systems of
Illinois, the U.S., and other nations.
Early High School: 14.B.4: Compare the political systems of the U.S. to
other nations.
Late High School: 14.B.5: Analyze similarities and differences among
world political systems.
Standard C: Understand election processes and responsibilities of citizens
Middle/Junior High: 14.C.3: Compare historical issues involving rights,
roles, and status of individuals in relation to municipalities, states, and
the nation.
Early High School: 14.C.4: Describe the meaning of participatory
citizenship (at all levels of government) and society.
Late High School: 14,C.5: Analyze the consequences of participation and
non-participation (in the electoral process).