do drugs for four days, that's how long it's supposed to take it to get out of your
body. I definitely wouldn't do drugs and I don't think I would drink anyway, but
this is definitely an insurance policy. I try to be a positive role model. And I travel
so much. Between April and November I'm gone some place every weekend. I
meet lots of cool people. I have friends all over the country. But this isn't the only
thing I do.
Q: Do you ever feel as though you live in two worlds, Indian and Non-Indian?
A: DEFINITELY! Everybody at my school knows about me being part Indian. A lot
of people were pretty open to it and thought it was pretty cool. They'd ask me
questions about it. I've learned over the years how to blend the two worlds
together and live in and have a good time in both. [Pow wow music] isn't the only
kind of music I listen to and I like to dance outside of the pow wow.
Q: Do you think you will always be a fancy dancer and/or participate in Native
American cultural activities?
A: Will I always be a fancy dancer? No. I actually plan to switch to Southern
Straight [a slower, more traditional style of dancing] sometime. Not likely in the
next few years, but when I'm in my late 20s or early 30s. I will always participate
in other activities. I don't ever plan to quit singing. That is my first love. I love to
dance, but I prefer to make others dance. I get most of my enjoyment and
pleasure from the drum. Don't get me wrong, I love dancing. Dancing brought me
to the drum, but when we sing, and sing well, there is no better feeling in the world
- to me anyway.
Q: How do you think your Native American Heritage will play a role in your future?
A: It's not the blood quantity that matters in the Indian, but it did bring me to the
circle, and now I can't leave. I plan on doing what I do until the last day. I don't
mean when I say I can't leave [that] they won't let me. I had the option not to do
any of this, but I wouldn't ever think of it . My elders have taught me too much to
give it up. I've tried to be a positive role model for younger people and I try to
make the elders proud and hopefully show them that I'll do, and am doing, my
part to not let the culture die. There have been too many brave people to sing
and dance before us to disrespect it and let it die. As for the future, I have chosen
this path to follow and only the Creator can change my path, and I doubt that he
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