Interdisciplinary Use
Making Connections is a topic amenable to a multicultural approach. What images in various
cultures and subcultures are similar in theme, or take a very different tack on one of these themes?
The collage activity can be broadened to include images and items from many cultural origins
coming together to represent classroom themes the students want to interpret.
Two images of people (e.g. Portrait of Kezia and Portrait of a Girl) could be the inspiration for a
written dialog between two characters discussing their lives according to the theme of coming of
age in their era (by students who have researched the customs of both eras). Other historical
research could be done on jobs, sex roles, funeral customs, the role of children, fashions, entertain-
ment, and other topics depicted in one or more of the images and connections made to the present
through comparisons and contrasts of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Resources for Talking About Art
Philosophers Forum: Asking Questions about Art.
Uses pairs of paintings to illustrate elements of art