Making Connections: Exploring Four Themes through Art: Class Collage from Print Sources
Purpose: to help the students understand that we can make connections when we look at fine
art objects for setting, subject matter, style, mood, etc., and when we look at decorative art objects
for ornament, shape, use, or decoration, etc.
Illinois State Museum Web sites used:
Objectives: After viewing the Theme Galleries online ,
the students will make connections between art objects
based on their form, content, ornament, or decoration by
choosing images that have something in common and
assembling them together into a collage and naming its
Grade level: 5-8
Time Required: two 50-minute periods
fine-art or decorative-art images printed out from
museum Web sites,
images of art works(photocopied from art books,
a collection of magazines with images of art,
art,newspapers images of decorative arts objects, probably for sale),
brochures(from museums, galleries), and ephemera (greeting card art,
graphic art on certificates,diplomas, calendars)
poster board
Motivation: Discuss the idea of theme and making connections between works of art, the main
idea of the Theme Galleries. Ask students to suggest other themes that are found in life today -
success, beauty, nature, family, youth, and others. Explain that as each individual or group looks for
images and sorts them, each may find numerous images that could relate to one topic or theme. Hold
up a few preselected sets of images and ask the students what connections they can make among
them. Some students may want to choose one of the themes explored in the galleries. Warn them
that it may be more difficult to look for objects on a predetermined theme
than to find
connections or a theme across some of the images they find.
Procedure: Students will
look for images of fine art or decorative art objects in print sources.
select the images for a theme and cut them out.
play with arrangements until finding the one that best interprets the student's meaning.
glue the images onto the poster board.
name their collage to reflect the theme, writing it on the back.
prepare to explain their collage.