Keeping Us in Stitches Activity: Log Cabin Settings
: the student will understand the many variations of setting possible
with the Log Cabin block, and what visual skills a quilter needs to design
quilt tops.
Illinois State Museum Web site used:
: by rotating colored paper blocks, students will create a straight setting, experiment with
other settings, and finally choose one setting of Log Cabin block quilts to produce a model Log Cabin
quilt top.
Grade Levels
: all (in testing this activity, we found K-adults liked this activity)
Time Required
: one class period
: printout of the Log Cabin blocks (
crayons or markers
Log Cabin Activity printout (printed or copied on cardstock to prevent curling of
blocks and facilitate rotating)
poster board (8 inches by 8 inches will allow for a one-inch border), for mounting setting
glue, scissors, ruler, pencil (for measuring border on board and pasting blocks down)
: Students will view the log cabin settings on the Web site. They may look at samples of Log
Cabin settings in quilt books. Discuss how quilters play with quilt blocks to discover new settings.
: students will

Choose two colors for their Log Cabin color scheme -- one light and one dark.

Color the blocks following the example on the Log Cabin Block Activity printout.

Cut out the blocks.

Arrange them in a straight setting on the desk.

Experiment with different settings by rearranging the blocks on the desk.

Choose their favorite setting and glue the blocks down to the center of the posterboard
leaving an even border all around.

Find the name of their setting in a quilt book, or name it themselves.
Publication and Conclusion
: Students can compare settings, count them, tell how they made their
setting, explain the names of the different settings including any them may have made up.
: The setting should reflect an organized pattern of Log Cabin blocks. Students should be
able to tell the name of the setting if known or explain a rationale for the name they gave the setting.
Students should also be able to demonstrate the straight setting of Log Cabin blocks.
Illinois State Board of Education Goals and Standards addressed:
Visual Art Goal 26B:

Apply the skills and knowledge necessary to create an art form.
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