Print Resources on DBAE:
Alexander, Kay and Michael Day, editors. Discipline-Based Art Education: A Curriculum Sampler.
Getty Trust, 1997. Actual graded lesson plans, K-12.
Dobbs, Stephen Mark. Learning in and through Art: A Guide to Discipline-based Art Education.
Getty Trust, 1997.
Eisner, Elliott. The Role of Discipline-Based Art Education in America's Schools. Getty Trust, 1988.
This book is a policy statement about the positive gains to be made in art education by the expanded
use of DBAE.
Reynolds, N. Art Lessons for Middle Schools: A DBAE Curriculum. Weston J. Walch, 1999.
Smith, Ralph Alexander. Discipline-Based Art Education: Origins, Meaning, and Development.
University of Illinois, 1989. This thesis is a basic history of the development of DBAE.
Stewart, Marilyn G. Thinking through Aesthetics. Davis Publications, Inc., 1997. This small volume
is a teacher handbook for guiding students through discussions about art.
Stewart, Marilyn G. "Diving Below the Surface: A Conversation with Dr. Marilyn Stewart."
ArtsEdNet Offline Newsletter, Winter, (#8), Getty Trust, 1998.
Online Resources for DBAE:
The homepage of ArtsEdNet; Web resources of the Getty Education Institute. Sections include
changing DBAE online units, image galleries, lesson plans and ideas, resources, a listserv, and
valuable links to art education and interdisciplinary arts education websites. There are many online
units, such as Artworlds, developed as a teacher course; it includes units on art worlds, Mexican-
American Art, African-American Art, and Navajo Art.
Forum: Asking Questions about Art. This is a high school level discussion sight featuring
`big' questions about art using a Web site about Trajan.
The Web site features an interactive use of pairs of paintings
to illustrate elements of art. It is from the University Museum in Utah.