Structure of the Web Pages
The general structure of a Web page in the Art Module consists of several parts:
The basis of a page is an image of a museum object, such as a painting, sculpture, print, or
photograph of fine art, or an historical decorative, industrial, or commercial object of decora-
tive art.
Accompanying the image of the object is a museum label that identifies it. This consists of
the title or name of the object, its date, the name of the artist or maker, the size, the medium
or material, a museum identification number, and a credit line denoting the donor to the
collection, a purchase for the collection, or a copyright held by the museum or another entity
or person.
Also accompanying the image is a question in blue type. This question is to stimulate think-
ing and/or discussion about the image by the viewer if he or she so chooses. This is a method
of interaction with objects that the Museum staff has used in gallery guides for museum
visitors, and with staff-led tours of museum exhibits. It is a deductive method of leading
viewers of art into discipline-based exploration of art. The questions include exploration of
how the object was made
what details help to communicate ideas
how the object or image reflects its time in
what art and design elements the artist or
maker used to create effects
what feelings are evoked by the object or
how the image reflects its time in history
what are some of the definitions of art