Print resources for Object-based Study::
Allan, Barbara and Schlereth, Thomas, Eds. Sense of Place: American Regional Cultures. University
of Kentucky Press, 1990.
Schlereth, Thomas. Material Culture Studies in America. Altamira Press, 1996. This book is used as
a text in university American Material Life history courses. It contains essays by history scholars
about the methods used in researching historical objects.
Ibid. Material Culture: A Research Guide . University Press of Kansas, 1985.
Ho Foy, Jessica and Thomas Schlereth, Eds. American Home Life 1980-1930: A Social History of
Spaces and Services. University of Tennessee Press, 1994.
Schlereth, Thomas. Victorian American: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876-1915. Harper
Perennial paperback, 1992. A survey of the commonplace objects, events, experiences, products and
tastes that made up American's Victorian Era culture.
Online Resources for Object-based Study:
Good outline of object-based learning, with links to museum Web sites (including ISM's At Home in
the Heartland ) as examples, and links to sources about museum education history.