Teacher's Orientation to
the Illinois State Museum's
Art Web Module
Audience of the Module
The Illinois State Museum Web development
staff defined the target audiences for the Art
module as:
Teachers of grades 3-12 who are planning lessons on Illinois and American art, social stud-
ies, and language arts
Students of grades 6-12 who are looking for information, images, and activities to broaden
and deepen their study of art by participating in online activities and finding background
Members of the general public, who may view the Museum's collections
Goals of the Module
The Illinois State Museum Web development staff outlined the following goals for the Art Module:
Help visitors understand how studying the fine and decorative arts can help them understand
the human experience
Help visitors observe works of art with an understanding (visual literacy) of the basic ele-
ments of art, its media, its styles, and its context (its place in the larger world)
Help visitors understand how the Illinois State Museum's collections in fine and decorative
arts can be used for various educational purposes
Encourage people to visit the museum to see original works of art (not necessarily just those
on the Web site)
Objectives for the Module
The team developed educational objectives for the Art Module:
After viewing this Art Module, K-12 students and the general public will have increased their
knowledge of
the role of Illinois artists in the larger world
art as a form of communication and documentation
the elements and principles of art and design
options and ideas for the image-based teaching of art and other subjects using museum
the important works of fine and decorative arts located in the collections of the Illinois
State Museum