Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards
Theorem Painting Activity: (early elementary through middle school)
Visual Art: 26.A: Understand the processes, traditional tools ...used in the arts.
26.B: Apply skills and knowledge necessary to create art.
27.A:Understand the role of the arts in civilizations, past and present.
Applique Bedcover Activity: (early elementary through late elementary)
Social Sciences:
14.C.1: Identify concepts of citizenship, such as patriotism...
16.A.2c: Ask questions and see answers by collecting and analyzing data from historical literary
and non-literary sources.
Visual Art: 26.B.2d: Demonstrate knowledge and skills to create works of visual art using problem
solving, observing, designing, sketching, and constructing.
Portrait Painting Activity: (early elementary through middle school)
Visual Art: 25.A.1d: Identify the elements of line, shape, space, color, and texture; the principles of
repetition and pattern; and the expressive qualities of mood, emotion, and pictorial representation.
27.A.1a: Identify the distiinctive roles of artists and audiences.
27.A.3a: Identify and describe careers and jobs in the arts and how they contribute to the
world of work. (also compare roles of portrait painters through history until today)
Genre Painting Activity: (early elementary through middle school)
Social Science: 18.C.1: Describe how individuals interacted within groups to make choices regarding
food, clothing, and shelter.
16.D.2b: Describe ways in which participation in the Westward Movement affected
families and communities.
16.D.3b: Describe characteristics of different kinds of families in the nineteenth
Visual Arts:
27.B.1: Know how images convey stories about people, places, and times.
27.B.2: Identify and describe how the arts communicate the similarities and differences among
various people, places, and times.
27.B.3: Know and describe how artists and their work shape culture and increase the
understanding of societies, past and present.
Pottery Making Activity: ( all levels)
Visual Arts:
26.A: Understand processes and traditional tools of the arts.
26.B: Apply skills and knowledge to create in one of the arts.
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