Donor Questionnaire
(Decorative Art or Historical Object)
Name of Donor: ________________________________ Phone: ____________ Fax:______________
Artifact: ______________________________________
1. Who first owned this item?
2. When did he/she live?
3. Where did he/she live?
4. About when was the object made or bought?
5. Where was it made?
6. Who made it?
7. Was the object used for a particular purpose?
8. What was the occupation of the owner? That of the owner's parents or spouse?
9. How did you get this object?
10. Is this object part of a set? If so, describe it.
11. Do you have any photographs of the object being used?
12. Do you have any other documents about the object? (letters, plans, receipts, instructions)
13. Do you have any other information about the object that might be useful for us to know?