Deed of Gift
Donor's Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________
I (we) hereby irrevocably and unconditionally give, donate, deliver, transfer, and assign to
the_______________________________Museum by way of gift all right, title, and interests
(including, but not limited to, all applicable copyright, trademark, and related interests) in, to,
and associated with the property, hereinafter described, to be used by the Museum at its
unrestricted discretion. I (we) affirm that I (we) own said property and that to the best of my
(our) knowledge I (we) have good and complete right, title, and interest (including, but not
limited to, all applicable copyright, trademark, related interests) to give.
I (we) agree that the object(s) will become part of the exclusive and absolute property of the Museum
and that it (they) may be managed in any ethical manner consistent with established profes-
sional standards, Museum policy, and governmental regulations, with no restrictions on its
(their) use or disposition.
Donor's Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________________________________
received for the ______________________________ Museum
by Curator's Signature: ________________________ Date: ________________________________
Approved by Museum Director: ________________________________________________________
Deed of Gift
Everyday Language Translation
By signing this, I give and deliver my object forever and with no conditions to the Museum. I give the
museum all rights to the object. These rights include the right to publish pictures of it for sale
or use. I also say that I did own the object and had the right to give it to the museum.
I agree that the object will become the property of only the Museum. The Museum will manage it in an
ethical, professional way. The Museum can use it or dispose (trade or give it away) of it in
any way they want, following the Museum's policies.