Donor Questionnaire
(Natural History Specimen, artifact from an archaeological site)
Name of Donor: ________________________________ Phone: ____________ Fax:______________
Specimen: ____________________________________
1. How did you get this specimen?
2. Did you collect the specimen? If not, do you know who collected it?
3. When was the specimen collected?
4. Where was the specimen found? (Can you describe the area? Can you show me the location on a
5. How was the specimen collected? (For example, was it found on the ground surface or did you dig it
6. Do you have any photographs or records of the area where the specimen was found? (Were there
other specimens like this one in the area? What kinds of things were found with it?)
7. Do you have any other documents that include information about the specimen? (Field catalog, field
notes, photographs, letters, receipts)
8. Do you know what and how old the specimen is?
9. Do you have more specimens like this?
10. Do you have any other information about the specimen that might be useful for us to know?