Illinois Goals and Standards addressed:
Goal 12: Understand the fundamental concepts, principles, and interconnections of the life, physical,
and earth/space sciences.
Standard B : Know and apply concepts that describe how living things interact with each other and with
their environment.
* Middle/Junior High: 12.B.3a : Identify and classify biotic and abiotic factors in an environment
that affect population density, habitat, and placement of organisms in an energy pyramid.
* Early High School: 12.B.4b: Simulate and analyze factors that influence the size and stability
of populations within ecosystems.
* Late High school: 12.B.5b: Compare and predict how life forms can adapt to changes in the
environment by applying concepts of change and constancy.
Goal 13: Understand the relationships among science, technology, and society in historical and contem-
porary contexts.
Standard B : Know and apply concepts that describe the interaction between science, technology, and
* Middle/Junior High: 13.B.3d: Analyze the interaction of resource acquisition, technological
development, and ecosystem impact.