Label Format:
Students should check their own and others' work for accuracy of terminology and for completeness. A
complete herbarium sheet should have name of leaf, name of person who collected it, location of collec-
tion, date of collection, description of leaf and/or plant.
Illinois Goals and Standards addressed:
* Goal 12: Understand the fundamental concepts, principles, and interconnections of the life,
physical, and earth/space sciences.
* Standard 12.A: Know and apply concepts that explain how living things function, adapt, and
* Early Elementary: 12.A.1b: Categorize living organisms using a variety of observable features.
* Middle/Junior High: 12.A.3c: Compare and contrast how different forms and structures reflect
different functions.
Name of Tree; Sweet Gum
Name of Collector: Amy Smith
Location collected: 301. S. Main St., Alton,
Date: Sept. 30, 2000
Characteristics of leaf: alternate, simple, star-
shaped, toothed (serrate)