Forest Activity: Leaf Collection and Creating an Herbarium
Objective : Students will be able to identify and categorize leaves they collect from trees outdoors after
by consulting the Forest Module's tree lists, field guides, and the links from this site to tree identifica-
tion sites; (middle/junior) and be able to discuss how the form of a leaf reflects its adaptation to its
Time Required : field trip to collect leaves (playground, home, or field trip); pressing in a press or large
book with tissue paper for a week; one class period for reading, sorting examples, online sources; turns
on the computer making labels; one class period to organize
and mount samples after pressing.
Museumlink Web site:
Forest, Present Day , click on each type, then tree list http://
Behind the Scenes, Botany, Collections (http://
Other Web sites :
Missouri Botanical Garden site's section on Deciduous forests, Leaf identification by characteristics.
Hillview School, Vernon, British Columbia's web site with tree identification section http://
Virginia Tech's outreach web site on forestry; tree identification section
Forsite/Idtree.htm page on Flower and leaf press made form an old phone book.http://,1120,1-9891,00.html
Disney on line's activity on making a leaf and flower press of wood and cardboardhttp:/