Grade Levels of Activities
The offline activities are designed to prompt a close look at individual artworks. There are many
ways to adapt the activities to the time you want to spend on the topic and the grade level and
number of your students. Adjust the number of works at which younger students look.
For example, a kindergarten teacher may show the students one or two artworks, perhaps the paint-
ings of the workers
the woman ironing and the street repair crew. The children will bring their own
experience with workers to interpret the pieces with the guidance of the teacher. (e.g. Can we still
see these workers and jobs today? Can women be seen on road crews today? How do you think each
worker feels about his/her job? How do you know? Where are the workers located? How do you
know?) After the talk, the students can each draw a picture of a worker and job they know, talking
about tools, materials, location, etc.
Depression Era Web sites
The National Archives and Records Administration site
Library of Congress. American Memory; Farm Home Administration Photo Database. 55,000 b & w,
1,600 color photographs of American from the great Depression to World War II.