Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards
Double Exposure: Two Illinois Photographers, Frank Sadorus and Nathan Lerner
Artistic Analysis Activity:
Visual Arts (see individual grade levels)
25.A: Understand the sensory elements, organizational principles, and expressive qualities of
the arts.
25.B: Understand the similarities, distinctions, and connections in and among the arts.
Discussion and Phototaking Activities:
Visual Arts:
Middle School: 26.A.3e: Describe how the choices of tools/technologies and processes are
used to create specific effects in the arts.
Late Elementary: 27.B.2 Identify and describe how the arts communicate the similarities
and differences among various people, places, and times.
Historical Analysis Activity:
Social Science: (see individual grade levels)
18.B: Understand social systems, with an emphasis on the United States.
18.C: Understand how social systems form and develop over time.
Eye on the community Activity:
Visual Arts:
Middle School:
25.B.3: Compare and contrast the elements and principles in two or more art works that
share similar themes.
25.A.3e: Analyze how the elements and principles can be organized to convey meaning
through a variety of media and technology.
Double Exposure
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