Rate of exchange for British trade goods, about 1765

British Trade Goods Skins
A Strowd [coarse woolen cloth] of 2 yards long 2 large Bevers or 3 dressed bucks
White blankets of 24 Blkts in a peice 2 middleing Bevers, or a large buck & a Doe
Mens Coarse Garlix Shirts 1 Buck, or 1 Middleing Bever
Mens Ruffled Shirts 2 Bucks or 2 middleing [Bever] or 2 otters, or 7 Racoons
white Wampum [per] Ct 2 large Racoons, or 1 Martin Skin
Cutteau large knives 1 large Raccoon, or 3 Musquash [muskrat]
Small knives for Women 1 Small Racoon or 2 Musquash [muskrat]
1 pound of Virmillion 2 Bevers, or 3 Bucks
Brass Kettles as they Weigh rate of 1lb Bever [per] pound
Silver Arm Band well made 4 Bucks, or 3 Bevers
Rist band Silver [well made] 2 Bucks or 2 small Bevers
Broches of Silver 1 Racoon
1 pr Silver Ear Bobs 1 good Doe skin, or small Bever
large Silver Cross 1 buck, or middleing Bever
Womens Silver Hair plate large 4 bucks, or 3 Bevers large
Gun powder 1lb one small Bever, or 1 middle sized buck
12 Flints 1 Small Racoon, or 2 Musquash [muskrat]
Looking Glass middle sized 2 Racoons, or 6 Musquash [muskrat]
Bever Traps 2 Bevers middle Sized, or 2 Bucks
Brass Rings 6 a small Racoon, or 2 Musquash [muskrat]
3 Gallon Cag of Rum 3 large Bevers--or 4 large Bucks