Land survey notebook page
27.55 Intersected the line between sections
2 and 11 Township 33 North range 11 East
2.91 chains west of the quartersection
corner on said line and at said in
tersection set a white oak post 5 in
ches in diamter for corner to fractional
section 2 and 11 Township 33 north range
11 east from which post a bur oak
10 inches in diameter bears south 82&Mac251; East
10 links distant and a bur oak 10
inches diameter bears north 68&Mac251; 30 min
utes east 45 links distant.
28.52 A hickory 30 inches diameter.
40.0 Leave timber and enter prairie bears
east and west. Land gently rolling good,
rich soil fit for cultivation.
Timber hickory, white oak, Lynn,
black walnut and sugar tree under
growth oak hickory and ash
44.0 A brank 20 links wide gentle
current runs south 75&Mac251; west.
80.0 Deposited 2 quarts of charcoal 13 inches
below the natural surface of the earth.