Land survey notebook page
North between sect N [N=number]
CL 27 and 28 T [Township] N 32N [north]
of the Base line of R
N 9 E [east] of the 3rd principle
10.0 a lake 10 chains wide bares E and W
32.10 a B Oak 12 In D [12" in diameter]
40.0 set_sect [quarter section] post from
which a B Oak 18 in D bares
S 65 E 200 L
[South 65 East 200 links].
64.78 a B Oak 15 In D
70.0 a pond of water 500 L Wide
bares E and W
80.0 set a post corner of section
[number] 27 and 28-21 and 22
from which a B Oak 12 In D
bares S 74 E 368 L
land loe
[low] and unfit for
cultivation thinly timbered
with Oak.