Horseshoe Lake
Bill Branson
Horseshoe Lake, Illinois, 1979
silver gelatin print, 10 by 10 inches
Illinois State Museum collection

Horseshoe Lake is in southern Illinois. It is an example of a swamp forest. The photographer caught the black shadows of the trees shimmering across the surface of the water, creating a mood of quiet and mystery. To find out more about Horseshoe Lake, go to its Web site  developed by a class at Egyptian School. Learn more about Swamps in this module.

Bill Branson was a student at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale when the museum acquired this photograph. Today he is a professional photographer. 

Artist's Comments
"I was in the front of a canoe with a student of botany sitting in the rear. She was taking samples of water for a study she was doing on the health of the lake. First, I noticed the very interesting trees that came right out of the water, and while we were paddling, the reflection of those trees also seemed interesting. So, from a low angle, leaning way over the front of the canoe, I made the exposure on Tri-X film with a Hasselblad camera and 80mm lens."

Technical Details
"Later, in the darkroom, the original negative was exposed onto ortho film and Fine Line developer to make an enlarged positive and later contact printed to make an enlarged negative. from here it is a simple contact print for the first print."