Behind the Scenes: Web Resources
Several Renaissance paintings are studied regarding their condition. A painting is cleaned, X-ray and ultra-violet light inspection are demonstrated.
This site has conservation and registrar procedures listed. Resource for professionals.
Lists programs of Museum Studies for the eastern half of the United States with a brief description of each.
Master's program in Public Administration with a concentration in Community Arts Management at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Site has links to professional arts sites.
An entertaining set of adventures in art and science with interactivity. See Ace Pintura and Inside Art.
Experiencing Original Works of Art in a Museum-teacher's pre-visit guide.
The Natural History Museum in London's interactive educational activities feature animals, anthropology, and exploration.
Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Art Gallery features Web exhibits on Modern Art and works from the collection.
Smithsonian Archives of American Art oral history interview with Richard Hunt, 1979.