Web Sites on Quilts

shows an image of the folk painting The Quilting Party from which Bertha Stenge's quilt of the same name was taken, with information on the image.

Quilting with Children gives a teacher illustrated steps and good instructions on making different kinds of quilts with groups of children. A listserv is also available with this site.

An article by the Fairfield Company on which type of batting fits your project.

Susan Druding has collected quilt history of block patterns, other articles on the history of quilting and lots of other quilt links. Updated weekly.

A lesson in appliqué from a product, Quilter's Basting Glu-Tube, that may have applications in the classroom for younger children.

The New England Quilt Museum's site has photos from exhibitions, background information on exhibits, and general information. Colorful and easy to navigate.

Quilt links of interest from art quilter David Walker's Homepages.

The American Lady section of this workhouse.com.girls site has a history of ladies' magazines, including Godey's and information on inventions and ideas, like the sewing machine and patterns.

Goshen College site that has a simple introduction to the Amish philosophy, a deeper essay by Leonard Groos, and Amish quilt images.

The Durango Trading Company has an Amish-life information section that includes quilting.

keyword quilt in the kids' sections under the 7-9 and 9-12 age groups.