Atkinson: Grandmother's Flower Garden

Hattie R. Conley Atkinson, Fairfield, Illinois
Grandmother's Flower Garden, circa 1930 
cotton, 71 inches by 87 inches 
Illinois State Museum collection
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Atkinson, McLeansboro, IL. (1987.45.4)

This arrangement of hexagons is a typical Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern of the 1930s. The green diamonds around each large block form stepping stones or a path through the garden. 

Find one of the larger units. 
How many hexagons does it contain? 
How are they arranged?

Hattie R. Conley Atkinson was born in Clay, Illinois, on December 2, 1877, the daughter of Jasper Conley, a Civil War veteran and farmer and his wife Nancy A. Doton Conley. Hattie married a farmer named James W. Atkinson. She died in 1959. Mrs. Atkinson also made the Double Wedding Ring quilt featured in this quilt Web unit.