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Genus Uniomerus

Class Bivalvia : Subclass Paleoheterodonta : Genus Uniomerus

Uniomerus tetralasmus (Pondhorn)
The shell of the pondhorn mussel is thin, smooth, and elongate. It is rounded at the anterior end and pointed at the posterior end. The smooth, shiny surface of young shells becomes rougher and duller as they age. The surface is greenish or yellowish brown to dark brown, again varying with age.The mussel grows to five inches in length.
This species lives in the mud and sand of ponds, creeks, and headwaters of large streams. It is adapted to long periods of dryness. In Illinois it lives throughout the southern three-quarters of the state.
Conservation status: widespread but uncommon
Taxonomy: Order Unionoida; Superfamily Unionoidea; Family Unionidae; Subfamily Ambleminae

Collection of the Illinois State Museum, photograph by Karen Little
ISM Accession #: 680415

<b><i>Uniomerus tetralasmus</i> (Pondhorn)</b>

Class Bivalvia : Subclass Paleoheterodonta : Genus Uniomerus

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