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Genus Anodontoides

Class Bivalvia : Subclass Paleoheterodonta : Genus Anodontoides

Anodontoides ferussacianus (Cylindrical Papershell)
The cylindrical papershell mussel is named for its thin, smooth shell. It is elliptical in shape and yellowish-green to brown in color. In females, the posterior ridge is inflated.
It is found in the mud and sand of small creeks and headwaters of larger streams.
Conservation status: In Illinois it is locally abundant and widespread. It can be found in the eastern half of the state from the north border to southern Illinois.
Taxonomy: Order Unionoida, Superfamily Unionoidea, Family Unionidae, Subfamily Anodontinae

Collection of the Illinois State Museum, photograph by Karen Little
ISM Accession #: 673794

<i><b>Anodontoides ferussacianus</i> (Cylindrical Papershell)</b>

Class Bivalvia : Subclass Paleoheterodonta : Genus Anodontoides

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